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Will All New Cars Be Electric Within 15 Years?


The performance of electric cars has been steadily improving, and with the UK’s charging network also growing, there appears to be a greater appetite for these green vehicles.

Although the government is keen for more drivers to adopt electric vehicles, one cross-party group of MPs recently criticised its plans, saying they don’t go far enough to boost the adoption of these kinds of motors.

The Sunday Times Driving reported that the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee recently stated that all new vehicles on sale in the UK should be fully electric by 2032, an eight-year reduction on the government’s current target.

The committee recently published a report entitled Electric vehicles: driving the transition, which criticised the government’s current plans as “vague and unambitious”.

It stated that the government should “prioritise overarching policy goals on climate change and air quality over sectoral interests, and bring forwards a clear, precise target for new sales of cars and vans to be truly zero emission by 2032”.

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If you currently have a diesel or petrol model, you will no doubt be pleased that the government has announced it’s freezing fuel duty for the ninth year. However, even with the tax not increasing, fuel prices have been creeping steadily up and are currently at their most expensive in years.

Higher fuel prices could be another incentive for more drivers to switch to electric vehicles in the future.

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