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Drivers Warned About Rising Number Of Plate Thefts


Motorists who are over the moon with their latest car leasing deal are likely to take good care of their new automobile. However, it is not just the vehicle itself that is at risk from thieves and vandals, but the actual number plate too.

According to the latest figures from the AA’s Freedom of Information request to UK police forces, as many as 25,000 number plates are stolen each year – totalling a huge 100,000 since 2015.

The area with the most thefts was found to be London, with the Metropolitan Police recording 32,307 incidences over 45 months. This was followed by the West Midlands where there were 12,000 since 2015.

Head of roads policy for the AA Jack Cousens said most people do not understand the gravity of a stolen number plate.

He stated: “While a small percentage of the UK’s national vehicles suffer the inconvenience and frustration of having their number plate stolen, it is an incredibly serious issue.”

The insurance expert reminded drivers that number plates could be cloned and placed on to other vehicles, which may have been stolen or involved in criminal activities, such as burglaries.

Over a quarter (25 per cent) of motorists stated they would not report a missing number plate to the police, which means the number of thefts could be significantly higher than the figures show.

Car and number plate theft are not the only causes of concern for motorists, and more and more are becoming worried about bad driving habits on the road.

This could be why a quarter of British drivers think having a dashcam in the car should be made compulsory, according to GoCompare research, as it provides evidence to insurers and the police about any wrongdoing in a road traffic accident, Motoring Research revealed recently.

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