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Men Are Three Times More Likely To Fall Asleep Driving

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Many men should follow in their wife’s, mother’s or sister’s footsteps and stop driving when they start to feel tired, as recent figures have revealed they are three times more likely to fall asleep driving than their female counterparts.

While five per cent of women say they have nodded off on the road before, as many as 17 per cent of men have admitted to doing this. This takes the average to 13 per cent of drivers having had some shuteye while behind the wheel.

It is, therefore, not surprising that sleeping has contributed to so many car accidents in the past, with AA Charitable Trust recently revealing that 25 per cent of fatal incidents on the road are the result of tired drivers.

Edmund King, director of the organisation, said: “Winding down the window, singing and turning up the radio are not remedies to tiredness – rather a symptom in themselves.”

Instead, he said: ‘If you feel tiredness creeping up on you when driving then stop and take a break.”

Young drivers are the worst at not taking a rest when they need to, with those aged between 18 and 24 more likely to carry on driving regardless of how tired they are.

The most common reason for feeling tired is having a long day at work, with 39 per cent of Brits admitting they have felt drowsy on their commute. This is followed by 33 per cent who stated a monotonous journey was commonly the cause of their sleepiness, while 27 per cent stated late night driving made them feel more tired.

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