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How Will A No Deal Brexit Affect Driving On The Continent?

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Many of us head to the continent in our own vehicles each year, and more of us still rent cars or campervans while we’re away so that we can explore at our own pace.

As we’re EU members, we currently don’t need to worry about obtaining an international driving licence, but if we leave the EU without a deal in March that could all change.

It’s one of a series of warnings issued by the government about what could happen if the UK leaves the EU without negotiating a deal. According to the statement, “your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself” in some EU nations.

That means you’d also need an international driving licence before you could drive or rent a vehicle on the continent. You can get one relatively easily from the Post Office, for a charge of £5.50.

Rod Dennis, RAC Europe spokesperson, said that over half of UK drivers believe they will have more hassle when driving in Europe post-Brexit than now.

“Drivers are concerned that the ease, and relative affordability, of driving across the Channel will be eroded from next March,” he asserted.

AA president Edmund King told the BBC that his organisation expects there to be “a rush” on UK post offices with people looking to obtain an international driving licence to enable them to continue driving on the continent.

Last month, research from Admiral revealed the cars most likely to be involved in a road traffic accident overseas. BMW led the way, followed by Volkswagen, Audi, Ford and Mercedes.

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