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Take Care On Roads As ‘Most Dangerous Driving Day’ Arrives

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Motorists should be extra vigilant on the roads as December 5th has been named officially as the most dangerous day of the year to drive.

Co-op Insurance has reported yesterday is likely to have seen more car accidents and collisions occur than any other day of the year, as historic data from between 2012 and 2018 suggests more claims are made on this date.

Head of claims at Co-op Insurance Ian Kershaw offered a few reasons why this date could be the most dangerous for drivers.

“This is when we see the most claims for incidents as evenings become darker, there’s more chance of icy roads and roads are generally busier, as people commence their Christmas shopping or begin to head out and about for festive activities,” Mr Kershaw stated.

He noted that Fridays are also especially dangerous for drivers, as many people head away for the weekend, causing more traffic on the roads.

Men should be particularly careful, as male drivers make up 57 per cent of all the claims made to the insurer on December 5th, compared with 43 per cent for women.

This is consistent with findings from AA Charitable Trust, which revealed men are three times more likely to fall asleep while driving than women, with young drivers being the most at risk.

The insurer suggested checking car lights and tyres before embarking on a journey, as well as looking at the weather conditions and leaving extra time for trips.

Drivers who have just got a new Fiat on a car leasing deal will want to ensure they keep their vehicle well-maintained during the winter months, protecting not only the car, but those in it as well.

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