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UK Drivers Support In-Car Breathalysers

Man Blowing Into Breathalyzer

Although drink driving has become less common than it once was, figures from the Department for Transport show that there were still over 9,000 casualties on the UK’s roads as a result of drink driving in 2016.

Of those, 1,260 suffered serious injuries, while 240 people were killed in drink driving accidents. Despite severe penalties for those who drink drive, it’s clear that more still needs to be done.

A survey conducted recently by WhoCanFixMyCar.com found that 90 per cent of Brits would support the introduction of breathalyser technology in cars.

These breathalysers would determine whether a driver was fit to drive their car, and prevent them from doing so if they were over the legal limit.

Co-founder of the company Al Preston said that they were surprised by the results of their survey. “Although we were expecting to see a positive response, we were amazed to see just how many drivers would like to see the devices put in place in the UK,” he stated.

With Christmas on the horizon, many police forces up and down the country will be stepping up their efforts to combat drink driving at a time of year when it’s known to be more prevalent.

In a bid to discourage people from getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, Derbyshire Police has started naming and shaming those who are convicted of the offence in December.

Derbyshire Live reported on the campaign, which will see the names, ages and details of the offence of all those who are charged in December shared on the police force’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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